Cheap TV Spots®! - Award winning TV ads and targeted air time. Advertising your budget-savvy business on television doesn't have to burn out your budget - Cheap TV Spots are powered by IMAGINATION!


Advertise on Television - articles for entrepreneurs by industry insiders, plus: mistakes to avoid
Bare Naked Ads - TV commercial production for start-up businesses, offering free TV ad production
Books On TV - Secrets to advertising books, CDs, DVDs, audio books, and e-books on TV
Cheap TV Spots - digital video and television commercial producers - Motion Picture TV advertising for local or national releases - theatrical / DVD - Get current, actual TV air time rates - Air Time Media Buying


American Family Power - Zap Cars, economical lighting, alternative energy information and products.
Wheelz TV - Unique site for car dealers, parts manufacturers, and sellers of automotive products and services.


Trusted Brands on TV - directory of brand name products advertised on TV.

Domain Names & Hosting

Domain Dominions - web domain addresses $1.99 with purchase - buy your domain for less! Hosting plans available, too.


Academy Leader, Inc. - media company spanning TV, film and new media
Brother Goose - kid's books, reading
Emergency Podcast System - podcast reviews, games, video, music
Hollywood Bytes - production/distribution of digital motion pictures

Food, Snacks, Treats, Beverages

Bank & Main Café - cozy cafe and downtown business hub
Ground Zero Coffee Company - artisan roasted coffee information, videos, recipes
Just Plain Vanilla - vanilla flavored candies and treats, vanilla scented shower & bath gift baskets
Really Mad Cow - vegetarian and vegan tips and treats

Mobile Phones & Advertising

Blue Marble Mobile - Self-service mobile advertising + popular cell phones and plans

Politics, Commentary

Conservative Comment - political blog + videos

Power, Energy, Alternative Fuels

American Family Power - Zap Cars, economical lighting, alternative energy information and products.

Real Estate / Travel

Stay Tropical - Florida waterfront real estate and local information
TV Sells Real Estate™ - Smart TV advertising for the real estate pro. Free TV production with air time package.

Services - Video & Photo

Save The Day Photo - Discount photography and video. The perfect back-up plan for any once in a lifetime event. Video and still photos. Weddings, bar/bat itzvah, graduation, reunion, picnic, cruise ship groups, etc.

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